Saturday, September 18, 2010

talked with Bruce and he showed me a short film "nuit blanche" and "making of nuit blanche". very inspiring!

he also showed me the way of making animated flying pigeon from a clip of flying pigeon, the same way as what jeff showed in class.

there're a few techniques in "nuit blanche" which could be used in my project.
-matte paining. 2d painted bg and 3d mid-ground and foreground;
-green screen people on treadmill to be composited into street scene;

to make the walking polar bear, i can try to find a stock footage then use the same technique of making a flying pigeon.

camera works:
pier 39 shot: tilt down the camera from a view of city in snow without polar bears and then reveal the polar bears; and not do the second shot of polar bear. when tilting down the camera, put the camera on a plate and tilt the plate. so when tilting the camera, the pivot point will be on the lens.
gondola shot: if i have the walking polar bear, then keep the camera the way it is. but if not, moving the camera from left to right.

the size of the bart train is wrong compared to the golden gate bridge

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